Implemented and planned projects

Renewable energy

EBL network of contacts in Poland, particularly in the north of Poland, includes the state administration, self-governments and wind park sector companies. The latter ones not only employ professional staff working on wind parks implementation, but also have valid building permits.

We are looking for the partners to jointly carry out wind park projects of the total nominal power 400 MW in northern Poland. Our offer includes coordination of proceedings concerning issuing building permit and construction supervision of projects until the connection of wind parks to the grid with simultaneous start of energy production.

We are also looking for investors for wind parks that has already been producing electric energy. 

If you are interested in any of our projects, do not hesitate to contact us.

Hydraulic engineering

One of the ports in the Baltic Sea basin is currently carrying out the construction of the wharf section for the purpose of its adaptation to servicing a few ships at the same time. Private investors make their own investments at the same wharf to adapt the terrain to the activity connected with loading and unloading of ships. EBL supplies both concrete and steel for this undertaking, and coordinates the implementation of investment as the agent between private investors and the port.

Cement, concrete, aggregates

EBL aims to be granted carrying out further deliveries of construction materials through the optimization of logistics for projects already carried out in Norway, Australia and Canada.